What is a Kingdom Fireteam?

The Principle of a Kingdom Fireteam

“A Kingdom Fireteam is a small group of spiritual warriors who commit to hold each other accountable to serve God’s Kingdom.”

In the military, a fire team is a small group of 3 to 5 warriors who hold each other accountable to a level of training and readiness so they can take territory when ordered by their Commanding Officers.

Fire teams were created when military commanders noticed they didn’t see the success they expect when they deployed large formations of troops. They noticed that only 20% of their warriors were ready to face the enemy, and the other 80% had no accountability to the mission.

A study was performed by the U.S. Military regarding accountability within the members of a fire team, and it determined this. “A warrior’s survivability and willingness to fight is more heavily influenced by the desire to both protect and avoid failing other members of the fire team….”

They discovered that when warriors build bonds by living life and training together, they were less likely to fail each other in battle. When these small accountability teams of warriors saw success in taking back territory from the enemy, it actually determined the success of their commanding officer. 

A KINGDOM FIRETEAM is a small group of spiritual warriors who commit to hold each other accountable to serve God and to take back territory for His Kingdom.

In Building Your KINGDOM FIRETEAM, we will walk through the biblical principles behind building and training your own team so you can once again move from glory to glory taking back territory. These are the truths my own KINGDOM FIRETEAM learned after years of living life together and taking back territory for our Commanding Officer.     We know your family will prosper from a Kingdom Fireteam just as ours has.

We’ve designed the book to be used in one of three ways. 

First, you can read it from cover to cover like most books.

Secondly, if you are in a group of three to five close Christian friends who are desiring to see God’s promises operate more freely in their lives, you can use the curriculum, we provide in the front of the book, and it will help you move from mere Christian friends to a fearless FIRETEAM. 

Lastly, using the same curriculum, your church can host a six to eight-week small group where participants learn how to create their own KINGDOM FIRETEAM.  Anyway, you chose to use it, we know you will take back territory for our Commanding Officer and create lifelong disciples in the process.

Change your life, Start a Fireteam today!